What's Chemistry all about?
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What's Chemistry all about?

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  • Ürün Kodu:600.02.16932
  • Barkod:9781409547075
  • Marka:Usborne Publishing
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47,90 TL
47,90 TL
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A new paperback edition of this fantastic science book that explains chemistry in an informal, fun and informative way. Written in a conversational style, this book offers children an approachable source of information on key subjects such as the periodic table, atom structure and radiation. Chemistry is brought home to the reader as the book describes the chemistry of everyday life - from the chemical processes that break down food while eating to the atmosphere. Complicated topics are kept fun with a variety of devices including comic strips, fact boxes and 'nerdy notes' - post-it notes with handy mnemonics written on them. Simple, fun experiments give children working examples to learn from.