Twisters : Mary Had a Dinosaur
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Twisters : Mary Had a Dinosaur

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  • Ürün Kodu:600.02.20684
  • Barkod:9780237533373
  • Marka:Evans Brothers
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22,00 TL
22,00 TL
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"Twisters" is a great series of first reading books made up of real stories with a beginning, a middle and an end, and turn-the-page appeal. The stories don't exceed 50 words and are ideal for first readers, covering a range of genres to support literacy requirements at foundation stage. These include humorous stories, fantasy stories, rhyming stories and stories from a range of cultures. They are accompanied by bright, colourful pictures, which will reassure the most reluctant of readers and help develop visual literacy skills.Mary is a little girl with a big pet - a dinosaur! And just like the other Mary, who had a little lamb, this pet follows Mary everywhere - even to school!

Age Range: 5 - 6 years

Library Binding: 32 pages

Publisher: Windmill Books (January 1, 2009)

Language: English