NC - Bizzy Bear: Dinosaur Safari
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NC - Bizzy Bear: Dinosaur Safari

62,00 TL
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  • Ürün Kodu:600.02.20139
  • Barkod:9780857633804
  • Marka:Nosy Crow
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62,00 TL
62,00 TL

Bizzy Bear can't wait to explore the Dinosaur Safari Park!

On a visit to the Dinosaur Wildlife Park, Bizzy Bear discovers some interesting footprints. Where do they lead and to which dinosaur do they belong? Another exciting adventure for the world's most intrepid bear!

A chunky little book with sliders and tabs to push and pull.

"This is toddler publishing at its best." - Waterstones

Pages: 10

Publisher: Nosy Crow (2015)

Language: English